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Hi folks!

Check out the new Wilderness Labs Developer Portal! We’ve been kicking out tons of new developer content, and along with the launch of Netduino.Foundation, it became clear that we needed a better way to organize and navigate Netduino developer resources. The new site design is intended to be forward looking and provides a much easier way to navigate and browse our great documentation.

Some of the highlights include:

Electronics Tutorial Section

The Electronics Tutorial got its own section; the electronics tutorial is a fantastic resource for curious minds wanting to dive deep into understanding electricity and designing circuits. It’s also a growing resource; we’re up to part 5 now, and it was outgrowing the old navigation. Now it has the space that it deserves and is much easier to navigate.

Netduino.Foundation Integration

Netduino.Foundation makes hacking hardware with Netduino about a million times easier by providing a huge set of peripheral drivers and a hand rolled API to use them. With Netduino.Foundation you can hack hardware without putting your hardware hat on. The new developer portal still includes the low-level reference documentation for dealing with the plumbing of peripherals, but it also links to Netduino.Foundation documentation to get you up and running quickly and easily.

Hardware Quick Reference

Need a quick reference lookup on the resistors needed to do a voltage division from 5V to 3.3V for the Netduino Analog to Digital Converter (ADC)? We got it! Need a quick reminder on the different solutions of Ohm’s Law? You’re covered. Parallel or series resistance calculations? Reading a resistor’s color-coded value? We’ve been stuffing the hardware reference section with useful information, and more is on the way.

Documentation Bugs Squashed

As our documentation grew, our platform got upgrades, and we built more, cool things, some of the docs started acquiring issues. As part of the redesign, we did a major overhaul and cleanup, squashing a number of bugs to provide more clarity and accuracy. Over the coming days, even more will get squished, and new docs will be added, so keep checking in!

We ❤︎ Pull Requests.

As the CEO of Wilderness Labs, I know that nothing provides more value to our customers than adding more documentation and samples, so I’m in there all the time myself adding whatever I can, whenever I can.

By the way, all of our documentation is completely open source. We love pull requests, so if you notice an issue, or want to share your knowledge, jump in and have fun with us!

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